About Ajax Wire & Specialty Company

8 Decades of Quality & Service

The Ajax Wire Specialty Company, Inc. was established more than 85 years ago. It has always been a family-run business, and is now in its third generation of spring makers, passing their knowledge and experience on, with caring and confidence.

Our staff is always available to give you the personal attention and assistance for all of your spring needs. They have the knowledge and know how to help you solve any spring problems that may arise.

1965 Ajax Wire Specialty Company catalog cover
1965 catalog cover
1975 Ajax Wire Specialty Company catalog cover
1975 catalog cover
1985 Ajax Wire Specialty Company catalog cover
1985 catalog cover
1995 Ajax Wire Specialty Company catalog cover
1995 catalog cover

Over the years we have become a major supplier to the hardware industry for its stock springs, with accounts world-wide. We offer these springs either packaged, in bulk, or in assortments that come with a display and cabinet which the springs are stored.

We have a modern plant with automatic, semi-automatic, and manual equipment which enables us to produce springs in quantities that will be most cost effective for you. Our facilities also include equipment to do labeling, bagging, and the printing and applying of bar codes.

In addition to our ever growing list of stock springs we are also able to produce springs to your specifications or design then for you. We are capable of manufacturing both long and short runs in various materials such as music wire, stainless steel, oil tempered wire, hard-drawn wire, brass, and phosphor bronze. Our equipment can produce springs made of round wire starting at .010.

Throughout the years we have offered technical collaboration with such diverse professions as doctors, teachers, students, artists, magicians, and design engineers. We have worked with various industries including locksmith, gunsmith, automotive, toy hardware, and electronics. Springs are our only business and our only aim is to have a great working relationship with our satisfied and successful customers.