Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are designed to react against twisting motion or force. Torsion springs may be found in a variety of applications such as automotive suspension, garage doors, spring wound clockwork and small devices that require pop-up or spring back features. Forms include wire, ribbon, bar and coil. These springs are durable, dependable and expertly manufactured by Ajax. We offer torsion springs in a variety of lengths, rates, maximum load endurances, and wire and spring outside diameters. All of these options can be compared and selected in our catalog.

Torsion Bar Springs

Torsion bar springs are commonly found in automotive applications and are used to support suspension components. These springs respond by absorbing shock and providing balance on unstable surfaces. This product has allowed us to provide dependable services to automotive and other industries.

Double Torsion Springs

The construction of double torsion springs provides dependable flexibility, stability and functionality. The right-hand wounds and left-hand wounds work in parallel with one another. Various diameters, configurations, sizes and materials are available, including brass, carbon, stainless steel and hard drawn wire. Our customers have come to expect the utmost quality when ordering double torsion springs, stainless steel compression springs and extension spring prototyping products.