Brass Springs

Brass springs have been perfected by Ajax Wire. As one of the most versatile products we offer, brass springs are suitable for a vast range of applications. Sturdy flexibility enables these springs to store considerable amounts of potential and mechanical energy within. The brass used is a copper and zinc alloy, typically consisting of more than 50% copper content. Varieties available include compression, extension, torsion, lock and Belleville. Ajax has been confidently offering trusted products for over 60 years, including our brass springs, music spring wire assortments and custom compression springs.

Brass Lock Springs

Brass lock springs are available in a versatile assortment. These springs are durable, flexible and are found in a range of settings. The assortment offered by Ajax contains six different extensions and six different compressions with a dozen of each in separate compartments. Like all of our products, Ajax produces these springs with the same quality and expertise that has kept us in business for generations.

Brass Torsion Springs

Brass torsion springs are made from durable, flexible brass. These torsion springs allow for suspension, weight support and pop-up or spring-back motions. Wire diameter, spring outside diameter, overall length, rate and maximum load endurance options are available to select and compare in our catalog.