Custom Springs

Custom springs are found in a wide variety of settings. Applications range from cars to clothespins, as well many other common devices and appliances. While custom springs are so commonplace, precise production methods and exact fittings are required to ensure proper functionally and consistent performance. By providing the right material, coil thickness and the right workmanship, Ajax is able to deliver the utmost quality in these custom components. Custom springs encompass all springs we offer, including torsion, compression, and extension springs. All dimensions and specifications are produced to fit the needs of our customers, no matter what the application requirements are.

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    Ajax Spring-ology Guide

    Compression Springs

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    Extension Springs

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    Torsion Springs

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    Custom Compression Springs

    Custom compression springs from Ajax are produced to meet your specific requirements in wire diameter, outside spring diameter, overall length, rate, maximum load, solid height and coil count. These compression springs are made from flexible and durable materials to ensure longevity and functionality. You may also compare and select our stock compression springs by viewing our catalog.

    Custom Extension Springs

    Custom extension springs are suited to your rate, maximum load, and body, overall and extended length requirements, as well as wire and outside spring diameter requirements. Extension springs are designed with a hook at each end to establish a fixed length and degree of elasticity. These ends can be specially designed to perfectly suit the needs of your application.