Music Wire Springs

Music wire springs are constructed of a magnetic, high-carbon steel alloy that is durable and inexpensive. Music wire springs are able to possess great amounts of potential energy and provide uniform tensile strength. These springs are designed for high resilience with a low tendency toward warping in settings that do not experience temperatures above 250°F. Applications include many electronic and medical mechanical devices. Assortments are available with rage of diameters, dimensions, lengths and sizes. View our catalog and compare products like the music wire springs, hard drawn wire extension springs and oil tempered wire springs that we proudly offer.

Music Wire Compression Springs

Music wire compression springs are in common coil form, made for durable flexibility. These springs are constructed from high-carbon steel wire which is designed for superior strength, reasonable cost and uniformly high quality. This material will contract under heat and can be plated. Compression springs are available in many diameters, lengths, rates, coil counts and maximum load endurances.

Music Wire Extension Springs

Music wire extension springs have a high resilience and low tendency to warp out of shape. A hook at each end enables components to be held at a fixed length when elasticity must be employed. Specially designed ends may also be incorporated. These springs are typically made from a high-carbon steel alloy but are also available in stainless steel, carbon, brass and round wire. Since music wire extension springs are economical and dependable, they are found in many electrical devices and medical mechanical equipment.