Galvanized Hard Drawn Wire

Hard drawn wire, also referred to as cold drawn wire, is produced for high tensile strength and applications that are often subjected to static loads or consistent stress. Various applications of hard drawn wire include automotive parts, shelving and surface pieces, as well as industrial and machine components like Ajax springs. Hard drawn wire is viable, flexible and economical. In addition to this material, we offer springs made from stainless steel, brass and phosphor bronze, as well as oil tempered, round and music wires.

Hard Drawn Wire Compression Springs and Hard Drawn Wire Extension Springs

Hard drawn wire compression springs and hard drawn wire extensions springs are made from galvanized hand drawn wire. These springs are versatile, dependable and available in multi piece assortments with a variety of sizes and diameters. Like our round wire springs and brass lock springs, compression and extension springs from Ajax provide flexible stability and can be customized to perfectly fit the requirements of your application. Decades of experience have enabled Ajax to offer a variety of springs to many diverse industries.