Stainless Steel Springs

Stainless steel springs possess an original tension in their inactive state. While at rest, the coils of stainless steel springs have a shear pressure. The maximum shear stress occurs on the inner face of the spring coils and augments the loads. Once the initial tension is conquered, these springs can be analyzed with a negative force. These springs typically have a maximum working stress limited to 75% of springs composed of similar geometry and material. Stainless steel springs are manufactured with an initial tension that presses the coils together in a free state. Ajax offers these springs as part of multi-piece assortments as well as made to custom order.

Stainless Steel Compression Springs

Stainless steel compression springs are one of the most common spring forms. Varieties include helical, hourglass, conical and barrel constructions. These springs function by reacting to weight placed upon the surface, in which case the compression spring will push back, attempting to return to its normal size rather than the shorter diameter now set by the weight of the introduced load. Typical applications include automotive engines, lawnmowers and cell phones. Contact us to learn about all the varied capabilities these components have.

Stainless Steel Extension Springs

Stainless steel extension springs are manufactured with an initial tension pressing the coils together. These springs are offered in assortments with varying diameters, lengths, rates and maximum load endurances. Product comparisons and additional information can be found in our catalog. Extension springs are a tried and true component offered by Ajax, along with our music wire extension springs and hard drawn wire compression springs.