It’s Always “SPRING Time” at Ajax

Springs may seem simple enough, but in retrospect there is a lot to them – the design, finding the right type of spring, and getting it made – are all proper specifications for the application.

Thanks to the Institute of Spring Technology (IST) Spring Design Calculator, the process of designing the right spring does not have to be complicated. IST is a spring design calculator developed by Institute of Spring Technology Limited to customize calculations. IST helps manufacturers design springs for any application, aiding in the development of extension springs, torsion springs, garter springs, and snap rings. Furthermore, IST catches and alerts designers about potential design flaws, such as settling or buckling, and also calculates maximum safe loads.

Ajax Wire Specialty uses this technology to design custom springs to meet customers’ needs with quality service and expertise. Ajax is a reliable, top quality spring manufacturer that offers a range of merchandise that you will be able to sell to your customers, and offers their service and knowledge to you.

Institute of Spring Technology (IST) Spring Design Calculator
Institute of Spring Technology (IST) Member

Ajax Knows Their Springs

If any spring measurements are incorrect, spring failure can occur, which can cause serious problems in spring applications. When the amount of force applied exceeds what the spring design allows for, the spring may break. For example, an extension spring designed for strength will have very little stretch. If it is stretched too far, it will become overly stressed and will most likely suffer breakage.

extension spring ends
7 different extension spring ends

Extension spring ends are characteristically more fragile at the ends than within the body. When an extension spring is properly designed, this concentration is accounted for, to avoid early on failure. Apart from a flawed spring design, another reason for failure is usually environmental implications and improper installation.

The best way to assure that your springs are properly designed and less likely to fail is to work with an experienced custom spring supplier. Ajax has been manufacturing quality extension springs since 1933, with the third generation now managing the company.

Springs Are Everywhere!

Springs are in automobiles and trucks, toys, locks, guns, electronics, appliances, military equipment, medical instruments, office equipment, food processing plants, and many other products.

Ajax makes extension springs, compression springs, torsion springs, spring assortments, as well as custom springs and prototypes. There are over 1,500 stock items and all Ajax’s products are 100 percent American made. Materials include brass, galvanized hard drawn wire, music wire and stainless steel. Ajax produces springs to your specifications from a sample, drawings and dimensions. We manufacture these springs in short runs and long runs, offering several assortments that come with display boards and cabinets.

The primary focus of Ajax and the main reason customers keep coming back, without hesitation is service. Our goal is to quickly and reliably meet the needs of the customer, whether those needs are for custom parts, short runs or an overnight delivery of a stock item. We have a quick turnaround time for most springs and stock items ship within 24 hours.

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