Work Smarter in 2019

No one has to tell you that being a manufacturer gets more challenging every year. The cost or raw materials, sourcing quality parts, and finding qualified talent are just a few of the hurdles we need to cross to bring our products to market. Ajax Wire Specialty Company is here to help with at least one of those.

Finding the Right Spring for the Job

Very often, the key to efficient manufacturing is finding the right parts quickly. When it comes to springs, we’ve got you covered. Ajax Springs has developed our easy-to-use online spring search engine that lets you quickly sort through thousands of springs to find exactly what you’re looking for.

manufacturing in America - welding

Simply enter our part number, or the part number of another manufacturer, and you’ll find the item you need instantly. If you’re not sure of the part number, just start entering the specifications you do know and we’ll quickly narrow down your choices to just those that meet your needs.

spring search engine
Ajax Springs online search engine

You can quickly filter by material (such as brass, music wire, stainless steel or galvanized hard drawn), spring type (such as compression or extension), wire size, max load, and much more. Then you can click on the item for more details and to easily request a quote or more information.

And remember, if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, we’re here to answer all you questions or to help you develop a custom spring that meets your unique application needs.

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