Time to Replace Your Porch Swing Springs?

The warm weather is finally upon us and many of us are headed outdoors to get our yards in shape and our flower gardens blooming. As important as it is to make sure the weeds are under control and your irragation system is working right, now is a great time to inspect you garden or patio swing to make sure that it’s in good shape an not in need of any repairs. And that’s where Ajax Springs can help!

porch & garden swing replacement springs

We’ve Got Porch & Garden Swing Replacement Springs

When checking your porch or garden swing, pay close attention to the springs that hold the chain to the frame. Over time, these can rust or wear out and present a real hazard. We wouldn’t want the swing to break off when someone takes a seat at your next barbecue!

Luckily, this is an easy repair and Ajax has porch swing replacement springs to help you through this simple project. Feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to make sure you’re getting the right spring.

We’ve Also Got an Outdoor Furniture & Cot Spring Assortment

And if you also have those wonderfully comfortable outdoor chairs that have springs under the cushions, make sure you check them, too! We sell a handy Outdoor Furniture & Cot Spring Assortment that will make any repairs a snap. Here are some details for this zinc-plated spring assortment:

No. 700: 108 pc. Zinc Plated Outdoor Furniture & Cot Spring Assortment

  • 9 different sizes of the most popular springs used for outdoor lawn furniture, cots, and mini-trampolines
  • Packaged in clear self locking storage box
  • Includes 12 of each size spring
  • Refills available from stock and packed 6 per refill
outdoor furniture replacement springs
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