Springs and Wire Forms for the Appliance & Music Industry

Did you know springs are in some of the most common appliances in your home which you have used time and time again? Household appliances such as microwaves, dishwashers, ovens, washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, and electric fans all contain appliance springs for these mechanisms to function properly.

Only you know the day-to-day extent of your appliances and how often you use them. The more you use your appliances the more the springs are affected and wearing down. Thus, it’s important you’re working with an industry leader for custom spring manufacturing.

Wire forms and compression spring styles are essential when it comes to appliances. Any appliance that requires resistance, such as a door, to return back to its initial position, would use a compression spring. At Ajax Wire Specialty, we are compression spring manufacturers that can shape compression springs in any combination, including conical, barrel, hourglass, and cylindrical. We can also make compression springs have a combination of end configurations, including closed, closed and ground, open, or open and ground. Using a series of processes such as spring stamping, we can create pieces where the wire forms exactly to your needs and specifications.

dishwasher door spring

Though most springs have specific shapes and dimensions, wire forming allows you to create exactly what is needed by letting you fit a product to your needs, not your needs to a product.

Springs in Music Wire

guitar tremolo springs

Springs are essential in music wire for its use in a variety of musical instruments, including pianos and guitars. Compression springs are usually the kind of springs that are used in music wire as they have the most endurance for the high-stress that is involved when playing an instrument. These kinds of springs are able to handle severe bends as well as withstand repeated heavy loads while maintaining its shape and elasticity.

Music wire benefits associated with compression spring design include high elasticity, high tensile strength, and flexibility. Though, music wire may cause problems for applications that require corrosion resistance because music wire lacks the aptitude to resist corrosion. However, zinc planting can be used as a protective coating to slow corrosion, even though the spring will still be vulnerable.

When you need springs for your appliance or music wire, it is best to speak with an experienced spring manufacturer that can help you determine which type of spring will provide you with the best application fit and performance. Contact us to speak with one of our spring experts to get more information (708) 629-0921 (2529).

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