All About Torsion Springs

Torsion springs have unique characteristics which make them one of the more durable and versatile types of springs. Designed to react against force, torsion springs demonstrate their mechanical energy via elasticity. This means that the spring action occurs when twisted.

torsion spring for clock

Uses and Applications

There’s a good chance that you use items containing torsion springs on a daily basis. Garage doors, clipboards, clothes pins, and various types of hinges all require torsion springs to function properly. Specific types of torsion springs can also be found within vehicles, clocks, and some cameras.

A Few Types of Torsion Springs:

  • Torsion Bar Springs
  • Double Torsion Springs
  • Spiral Wound Torsion Springs
  • Helical Torsion Springs

Choosing the Right Torsion Spring

At Ajax Springs, we carry torsion springs for many common applications. Feel free to contact us so we can answer any questions you may have and help you find the right spring.

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