Springs in Halloween Costumes & Decorations

As you may know, springs are in lots of things, including garage doors, screen doors, lawnmowers, among many other things. But did you know springs are in Halloween costumes too? The kind of springs found in Halloween costumes is compression springs. Both compression and extension springs are found in most Halloween decorations, such as the decorations where the eyes pop out of the head, the skull rotates, and the spider hangs from the ceiling.

When trick-or-treaters come to your door, you may see costumes with antennas. This is often put together with long compression springs that connect a decoration for the end, like a glittery Styrofoam ball, with a headband.

Compression springs are one of the most common types of springs, typically because they compress when loaded with weight, and decompress when the load is removed. Unlike other types of springs, compression springs do not need to be attached to anything to operate properly. However, extension springs – which are made of coiled steel and feature loops on either end – are attached to an application on both ends.

Springs Store Mechanical Energy

Springs are often made of coiled and hardened steel. The hardened steel can either be pre-hardened before spring formation or hardened after it is developed. The different energy storage management depends on the design of the spring.

Halloween costume spring antenna

Compression springs are used to withstand force and store energy in a broad range of applications. These kinds of springs are also used in appliances, automotive work, and toys. When compression springs are manufactured, a long stock wire is used and fed into an auto-coiler. Rollers are often used to quickly spin the wire around a cylinder, forcing the spring to adopt a coiled helical shape. The adjustable machine can alter the coil tension and length. However, the spring wire can uncoil if it is not tied down so it’s important that the machinist does not lose control of it.

Over 80 Years’ Experience Manufacturing Springs

Founded in 1933, Ajax Wire Specialty Company has been designing, producing, and selling a variety of springs in a wide range of materials. The team is a close-knitted group of dedicated, customer-oriented people who know how to meet specific compression and extension needs.

When manufacturing compression springs, Ajax measures the wire diameter in two different spots using a micrometer. The team also measures the outside diameter, which is commonly referred to as “OD” and the inside diameter, also known as “ID.” The knowledgeable staff knows that counting coils will lead to accurate measurements of the spring. Thus, when doing a coil count, the Ajax team ensures to count each full rotation and then the remainder of the last coil. The space between the coils will give us the pitch measurement which can be used instead of the coil count. This process allows for precise readings.

Whatever kind of project, the highly experienced staff at Ajax Springs Specialty Co Inc. are happy to advise you on the best match spring for your specific needs. Call us today at (708) 629-0921.

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