The Ultimate Stock of Spring Assortments

At Ajax Springs, we have over 20 varieties of spring assortments to meet the needs of all types of customers. Whether you’re looking to restock your workbench, keep your factory’s inventory flush, or you’re a retailer looking to maximize sales, Ajax Springs has you covered.

Some of Our Most Popular Spring Assortments

With over 20 high-quality spring assortments, we won’t go into details on each one we have to offer. But we will provide you with the particulars on some of our best-sellers and personal favorites. At Ajax Springs, we handpick the varieties of springs included within each assortment. With over 85 years of experience within the spring manufacturing industry, our spring experts know how to build the perfect spring assortment for any job.

Opened 250 Piece Spring Assortment

No. 250: Spring Assortment With 250 pcs

Our 250 pc Spring Assortment is stocked with all of our best-selling types of springs. This spring assortment comes within a compact cabinet making it a great accessory for any workbench or retailer display.

Inclusions and Specs

  • 15-Drawer cabinet (9” W x 6 ½ “ D x 7 ¼ “ H)
  • 27 different spring types
  • Colorful counter display card which can also be wall-mounted

No. 174: Compression & Extension Spring Assortment With 174 pcs

Each of the 174 compression and extension springs contained in this assortment is comprised of galvanized hard drawn wire. Our 174 pc Compression & Extension Spring Assortment is an ideal addition to any workbench.

Inclusions and Specs

  • 174 assorted compression and extension springs
    • 13 assorted extension spring sizes
    • 18 assorted compression spring sizes
  • Compartmented plastic box with latching cover
  • Detailed plan-o-gram
Ajax 174 piece compression and extension spring assortment
400 piece spring assortment with board & cabinet

No. 400: Spring Assortment With 400 pcs

Whether you’re looking to stock a best-selling spring assortment in your hardware store, or you need a compact variety of springs for your workbench, our 400 pc Spring Assortment is the perfect choice. This spring assortment includes springs ideal for windshield wipers, stoves, gliders, lawnmowers, outdoor furniture and more!

Inclusions and Specs

  • 400 assorted springs (8 sets of 50 different spring types)
  • Durable two-drawer compartmented metal cabinet (8” H x 20” W x 16” D)
  • Detailed plan-o-grams within each drawer including MSRPs
  • Mountable spring display

No. 750: Spring Assortment With 1,000 pcs

Ajax Springs is proud to offer this versatile 1000 pc Spring Assortment. This gargantuan assortment of springs unbelievably fits within just two square feet of shelf space!

Metal Assortment Display

Our 1000 pc Spring Assortment comes with an assortment display featuring 100 of the most sought-after styles and sizes of springs. Hang this sturdy display at eye level and watch how quickly your customers deplete it. Don’t worry! You’ll still have 900 more springs to restock your display with.

4-Drawer Metal Cabinet

This 1000 pc Spring Assortment also includes a durable 4-drawer metal cabinet. Open each drawer up and you’ll see that we’ve also included plan-o-grams which visually show you where each individual type of spring is located along with correlating MSRPs.

750 spring assortment (board & cabinet)

Ajax Springs – Your Trusted Spring Manufacturer

As a 3rd generation family-run business, Ajax Springs has earned the trust of customers throughout the greater New York area. We’re here to help whether you’re looking for a versatile spring assortment, or you need a specific spring type you can’t find anywhere else.

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