High Quality Specialty Springs

Although specialty springs are commonly used parts with a variety of applications, these springs can often be harder to find than they should be. In order to meet all of our customers’ needs, Ajax Springs stocks a full inventory of specialty springs.

Specialty Springs We Carry

At Ajax Springs, we carry five categories of specialty springs designed for some of the most popular and useful applications.

Attic Stair Springs

Since attic stairs come in a variety of measurements, you need to make sure that your attic stair springs are built to match those measurements. That’s why our No. AT1 Attic Stair Springs are custom made to fit your exact specifications in order to ensure proper functionality. Our attic stair springs are also manufactured to perform as good or better than the stock springs initially installed in your attic stairs. It’s important to note that attic stair springs should always be replaced in pairs.

Attic Stair Springs

Overhead Garage Door Springs

Our standard Overhead Garage Door Springs are manufactured for use in the most commonly found garage door height of 7 ft. and are tested from 60 lb. to 320 lb. These garage door springs come at a standard length of 25 inches and will stretch to 42 inches. Specialty ordered spring lengths go all the way up to 60 inches. At Ajax Springs, we can also make custom garage door springs to fit non-standard sizes and specifications.

Hobby Horse Springs

Our No. HH50 Hobby Horse Spring is designed to replace a broken or rusted hobby horse spring; however, these extension springs have plenty of other useful applications.

porch swing replacement springs

Porch Swing Springs

With the arrival of the spring season, it’s a great time to check on your porch swing springs to see if they’ve rusted during the winter and need replacement. Our No. PS2 Porch Swing Spring is an affordable and durable spring that can help ensure your porch swing works through the spring, summer, and beyond.

Trampoline Springs

The spring season is also the perfect time to replace trampoline springs that may have worn out or rusted. Having fully functional trampoline springs is also a matter of safety; especially considering that children are the ones who will probably be using the trampoline most often. Our No. TR1 Trampoline Spring is available in all of the most popular lengths including 5.5”, 7”, and 9”. As always, we can custom manufacture trampoline springs to meet other specifications upon request.

Custom Springs for All Applications

Ajax Springs not only stocks a full inventory of hard-to-find specialty springs; we also have top-of-the-line spring machines which enable us to manufacture springs to your precise specifications. This includes customized versions of the specialty springs we’ve just mentioned along with almost any other type of spring you can imagine.

Custom Spring Specifications

  • Spring type
  • Spring ends
    • Position of spring ends
  • Material and finish of material
  • Diameter
    • Outside diameter
    • Inside diameter
    • Wire diameter
  • Spring rate
  • Maximum load capacity
  • Body and overall lengths
  • Number of coils
  • Direction of helix
extension spring-ology guide

Check out our Custom Spring Form for all of the details and we can start building your tailor-made spring today! With more than 85 years of experience, you can trust the experts at Ajax Springs to get the job done right the first time.

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