Springs Used in Agriculture and Gardening

Whether gardening for pleasure or cultivating crops for profit, there is a good chance some of the equipment being used requires springs to function. And at Ajax Springs, we carry all types of springs that help ensure the proper functionality of these tools and machines. Today we are going to explore several different implements and the springs they would be useless without.

Gardening Tools That Use Springs


Gardening pruners are often used to promote the healthy growth of many plant species. This includes flowering plants such as gardenia, hydrangea, lavender, and azaleas.

Nearly all gardening pruners have a compression spring located between the handle tops. Since pruners are used to cut potentially thick plant stems, the compression spring helps the pruners to slice through the stems and quickly return to the open position in order to slice through the next one. The spring also helps to minimize the chance for plant residue to get caught between the blades causing them to stick together.

Garden pruner


Essentially a larger form of gardening pruners, shears are used to cut plants with thicker stems or branches that may also be more difficult to reach. This includes common trees you might be able to find in your backyard such as oaks, maples, birches, and elm trees.

While it is less common for shears to include a compression spring compared to gardening pruners, there are still many types of shears that use compression springs in a similar implementation.

Riding Lawn Mowers

While not necessarily considered a gardening tool, riding lawn mowers use a variety of different sizes and types of springs to run smoothly. This includes extension springs, compression springs, torsion springs, and other less common specialty springs. At Ajax Springs, we stock a full supply of many springs that can be used to replace any worn out springs within your lawn mower. And if you can’t find the specific spring you’re looking for using our spring search engine, we can manufacture a custom spring that meets your specifications.

Agricultural Machinery That Uses Springs


Tractors have numerous implementations within the agricultural industry. They can be used to accomplish a variety of tasks including plowing, fertilization, harvesting, or the hauling of equipment and other items.

The inner-workings of a tractor include heavy duty compression springs and other types of high-performance springs. From the engine to the doors and many other aspects of the tractor, springs are needed to keep their machinery running efficiently.

Farm irrigation system

Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems help prevent farmland from drying out while providing crops with the much-needed sustenance of water. The wheels of pivot irrigation systems contain compression springs which help maintain balance while absorbing the weight of the attached irrigation pipes.

Combine Harvesters

Combine harvesters are used to maximize the efficiency of harvesting certain types of crops. These machines can simultaneously reap, thresh, and winnow which is why they are so efficient. Combine harvesters require both compression springs and torsion springs to successfully take on these three tasks.

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