The Mechanical Pencil and Other Noteworthy Back-to-School Supplies With Springs

The fall season is quickly approaching, and that means school is almost back in session. There are many types of school supplies that require springs to properly function.

The Mechanical Pencil

Mechanical pencils take away the need for a pencil sharpener, containing sticks of graphite that can be propelled to the pencil’s tip using a spring-loaded mechanism. Mechanical pencils may seem like a basic writing utensil now, but in the mid-1800s, there were over 150 registered patents directly related to mechanical pencil innovations! During this upsurge in mechanical pencil advancements, the spring-loaded mechanical pencil came to fruition in 1877. Although there have been a variety of updates and variations introduced since their inception, mechanical pencils of today still serve the same essential purpose, providing users with a refillable and reliable writing utensil.

Black and grey mechanical pencil

The Retractable Pen

The retractable pen saves you from dealing with the annoyance of losing your pen cap and having its ink dry out. Equipped with a spring which is carefully attached to the pen’s ink reservoir, the retractable pen is operated with a simple push and click, exposing or retracting the tip. There are many different types of retractable pens including refillable and ones with multiple ink cartridges that enable you to switch between ink colors. Almost all retractable pens utilize tiny compression springs to function.

Scientific calculator

Calculators and Other Battery-Powered Electronic Devices

Once you reach middle school, calculators become a math class necessity. And nearly all portable battery-powered devices contain conical compression springs to hold their batteries in position. The small conical compression springs help ensure the batteries are properly in contact, enabling them to conduct their electrical current to the correlating circuit. These compression springs are commonly found in electronic devices that require AA, AAA, C, or D sized batteries to operate.

Computer Keyboards

Although the mechanics of computer keyboards have changed over the years, many keyboards initially used a buckling spring mechanism. Initially invented by Richard Hunter Harris, the buckling spring used in computer keyboards was patented in the 1970s by IBM.

The Hole Puncher

The hole puncher has a variety of uses, however it is most popularly utilized to punch holes in sheets of paper in order to organize them within a three-ring binder. Instead of having to purchase loose-leaf paper, the hole puncher enables you to make any paper document neatly fit into a binder. Hole punchers use an enclosed compression spring that gives it the ability to spring back into the open position after each hole is punched.

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