Fall Cleanup Tools That Need Springs to Function

Autumn has arrived, and many Americans are busy cleaning up their yards before colder weather makes these tasks harder to accomplish. And there are plenty of tools used during fall cleanup that require springs to properly function.


When clearing your lawn of fallen leaves, you will almost definitely come across twigs and branches that make this a more arduous task. Having a quality hand pruner makes it easy for you to cut the sticks down to manageable sizes that can neatly fit into your leaf bags. And nearly all pruners contain a compression spring between their handle tops. This compression spring enables the pruner to cut through branches and rapidly return to the open position so you can easily move on to the next branch that needs to be trimmed down.


Pruners aren’t going to cut it when it comes to taking care of larger branches and unwanted trees. And with the increasing number of storms producing high winds and taking down trees, chainsaws have become a fall yardwork necessity. Extension springs, also known as tension springs, can be found within almost all chainsaws. When replacing the spring inside of your chainsaw, be sure to lubricate it with a non-resinous oil prior to installation. This helps ensure the optimal function of your chainsaw.

Man using a chainsaw to cut through a downed tree
Man using leaf blower in a garden

Leaf Blowers

If you happen to live in an area dense with foliage, clearing fallen leaves from your property can turn into a multiple-day chore. Investing in a quality leaf blower can save hours of time, making your fall cleanup exponentially easier to handle. Leaf blowers contain rewind springs that enable them to work properly. Rewind springs are a special form of torsion springs and are often used in motorized machinery.

Riding Lawn Mowers

Fall cleanup can be grueling work, but a riding lawn mower can speed up the time it takes to take care of tidying your lawn in preparation for the winter months. And with the blades turned off, riding lawn mowers can also be used to haul heavy bags of leaves or other debris. In order to run properly, riding lawn mowers require a variety of compression springs, extension springs, and torsion springs. If your riding lawn mower is in need of new springs, there is a good chance that you will be able to find them using our comprehensive spring search engine.

Riding lawn mower

Springs to Meet Your Fall Cleanup Needs

At Ajax Springs, we carry springs for almost any application you can imagine. And for specialty implementations, our spring manufacturing experts can form custom springs to your unique specifications. Contact us today to request a quote or if you would like further information on all the high-quality springs we have to offer.

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