Types of Quality Spring Materials

There are a variety of materials that can be used in the production of high-quality springs. Certain metals and alloys may be better suited to meet the requirements of different spring applications. At Ajax Springs, we offer springs in several durable materials, meeting the needs of nearly any implementation.

Brass Springs

Brass is an alloy mainly made up of copper and zinc. And because brass springs usually consist of over 50% copper, they are extremely durable and can be effectively used in many applications. Brass springs are also capable of storing significant levels of potential and mechanical energy, increasing their flexibility without losing sturdiness.

Brass Spring Assortment

Save money with our 144 pc Brass Lock Spring Assortment contains a variety of versatile extension and compression springs, ideal for door locks and other useful applications.

Three brass springs

Galvanized Hard Drawn Wire Springs

Also known as cold drawn wire, galvanized hard drawn wire is perfect for applications that put continuous stress on the springs. Galvanized hard drawn wire is commonly used within car parts, shelving, certain types of hooks, and in many other types of items and machinery. These springs are also highly resistant to corrosion which is why they have such a long lifespan.

Galvanized Hard Drawn Wire Spring Assortments

Our 128 pc Galvanized Hard Drawn Wire Compression Spring Assortment is a cost efficient, smart way to keep your workbench filled with high-quality springs.  We also carry other high-grade galvanized hard drawn wire spring assortments including:

Music Wire Springs

Usually comprised of magnetic, high-carbon steel alloy, music wire springs are both affordable and durable. Music wire springs have many useful implementations including helping electronic components and medical devices to function properly.

Music Wire Spring Assortments

We carry three different music wire spring assortments, and each of them comes with a variety of springs in commonly used sizes.

Garage door springs and garage indoor view

Oil Tempered Springs

In order to produce oil tempered springs, high-carbon steel alloy goes through a formulated heating process and then cooled down in specialty oil. Then the alloy is heated again, tempering the spring for maximum strength and flexibility. Oil tempered springs are often used for garage door springs and other technical implementations.

Oil Tempered Spring Assortment

Our 72 pc Oil Tempered Round Spring Wire Assortment Tube includes 72 18” high-quality springs with diameters ranging from .062 to .120.

Stainless Steel Springs

Stainless steel springs are resistant to corrosion and maintain their original tension when in an inactive state. These springs are both easy to maintain and long lasting.

Stainless Steel Spring Assortments

Choosing The Right Spring Material

At Ajax Springs, we carry springs in all of these materials, offering your choice of springs to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to request a quote or to learn more about all of the products we stock and manufacture.

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