Springs in Medical Equipment

Springs have a wide range of useful applications, helping ensure the proper functionality of machinery and equipment used in a variety of different industries. And because National Surgical Technologists Week occurs in September, we are going to focus on the various medical devices that require springs to function. All types of springs can be found in a multitude of different medical equipment components.

Medical Stretchers

The stretcher is one of the most commonly used types of medical equipment. There is a good chance that you have seen one in use at some point in your life. In order to properly serve their purpose, medical stretchers need to aid in the transport of a patient safely and smoothly. To accomplish this, stretchers need to be equipped with shock absorbing technology that prevents the patient from being affected by any bumps or uneven surfaces traveled over during transport. This is where extension springs come in to play. Their energy storing properties enable extension springs to maintain an even force between two surfaces, absorbing any shocks before they reach the patient being transported on the stretcher.

medical stretcher

Surgical Staplers

Did you know that surgical staplers can be used externally to help seal wounds, and internally to help body tissues to heal faster?

Removable skin staples are medical devices, used externally to close wounds under high tension, including wounds on the scalp or the trunk of the body.

Surgical staples for internal use are medical devices used to deliver compatible staples to internal tissues during surgery.

Advantages of surgical staples include:


  • Quick placement
  • Minimal tissue reaction
  • Low risk of infection
  • Strong wound closure

How Are Surgical Staplers Used?

When used with implantable staples, surgical staplers may be used in gastrointestinal, gynecologic, thoracic, and many other surgeries. Examples of these uses include:


  • Removing part of an organ (resection)
  • Cutting through organs and tissues (transection)
  • Creating connections between structures (anastomoses)

US Food and Drug Administration

Compression Springs and Surgical Staplers

Compression springs are an essential component of surgical staplers, enabling them to apply surgical staples successfully and safely to the wounded patient. Wire mechanical devices in the shape of a helix, compression springs are extremely energy efficient, promoting the proper functionality of surgical staplers and many other devices.

dentist standing behind dental x-ray screen

Dental X-Ray Machines

Dental x-ray machines require the ability to rotate around the patient in order to obtain images in a range of different views that help your dentist know exactly what is going on inside your mouth. Designed to react against a twisting motion or force, torsion springs are an integral component of dental x-ray machines. Torsion springs are available in various lengths, load capacities, spring rates, and diameters. And every variety of torsion spring has a set of ideal applications.

Extension Springs, Compression Springs, Torsion Springs, and More!

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