Versatile Compression Spring Assortments

Compression springs have a wide variety of uses ranging from applications in electronic components to industrial machinery. At Ajax Springs, we offer several compression spring assortments which include all sorts of compression springs to meet your specific needs. In this article, we are going to highlight some of our most versatile compression spring assortments.

Our 348 pc. Stainless Steel Compression Spring Assortment in Metal Case

This compression spring assortment includes 348 springs comprised of stainless steel. Stainless steel has many beneficial properties including its resistance to corrosion and heat, and its overall durability.

Assortment No. 348S Features and Specifications

  • 348 stainless steel compression springs
    • 174 different spring sizes (2 springs in each size)
    • Outside diameters ranging from .12” to .75”
    • Lengths ranging from ½” to 4”
  • Comes in durable metal drawer with lid catch
  • Detailed plan-o-gram

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Number 348 compression spring assortment
128 piece galvanized hard drawn wire spring assortment

Our 128 pc. Galvanized Hard Drawn Wire Compression Spring Assortment

Galvanized hard drawn wire is extremely resistant to damage and outlasts many other comparable materials. This is why we offer a 128 pc galvanized hard drawn wire compression spring assortment, containing 32 of our most popular spring sizes. This compression spring assortment also comes in a compartmentalized plastic box, making it easy to store in your workbench or carry to a job site.

Assortment No. 128 Features and Specifications

  • 128 galvanized hard drawn wire compression springs
    • 32 different spring sizes
  • Compartmentalized plastic box
  • Detailed plan-o-gram

Our 18 pc. Large Diameter Compression Spring Assortment

Large diameter springs are ideal for applications that require highly durable springs which have a high threshold for dealing with shock and movement. Sometimes referred to as heavy duty springs, large diameter springs are commonly used in a variety of implementations including:

  • Mining machinery
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Construction machinery
  • Large electronics

Each of the springs contained in our 18 pc large diameter compression spring assortment can be cut down to any size, enabling you to create the lengths needed for your specific application. And if you are in need of a specific spring size within this assortment, we can easily fill that order from our stock; this applies to all individual springs included in our high-quality spring assortments.

Assortment No. 299 Features and Specifications

  • 18 assorted large diameter compression springs
    • Each spring is 12” in length
    • Wire sizes ranging from .032” to .205”
    • Outside diameters ranging from 3/8” to 1 ¾”
18 piece large diameter compression spring assortment
12 piece compression spring assortment

Our 12 pc. Small Diameter Compression Spring Assortment

Small diameter compression springs are perfect for applications requiring tiny, effective springs to function properly. These applications are more along the lines of electronics, medical equipment, and other devices and machinery with intricate inner workings. Just like our large diameter compression spring assortment, this 12 pc small diameter compression spring assortment contains springs cuttable down to any size.

Assortment No. 71 Features and Specifications

  • 12 assorted small diameter compression springs
    • Each spring is 12” in length
    • Wire sizes ranging from .016” to .058”
    • Outside diameters ranging from .097” to .312”
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