All-in-One Combination Spring Assortments

Compression and extension springs are two of the most popular and utile spring types, serving a multitude of applications. This is why we offer several combination spring assortments, each of them including a mixed variety of compression and extension springs to better meet your needs. In this article, we are going to provide you with details, specifications, and some other useful information pertaining to our bestselling combination spring assortments.

Our 101 pc. Spring Assortment No. 500

Our 101 pc combination spring assortment includes compression and extension springs with a wide range of implementations for items including:

  • Industrial machinery
  • Tools
  • Children’s toys
  • Motors
  • Miscellaneous gadgets

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101 pc compression and extension spring assortment

Our 400 pc. Spring Assortment

This 400 pc combination spring assortment not only includes a gigantic selection of high-quality compression and extension springs, but as you’ll see within the features and specifications listed below, it also comes with some handy bonus items!

Assortment No. 400 Features and Specifications

  • 400 assorted springs (4x 50 of our most popular part numbers)
  • Metal wall display that provides easy access to all 50 part numbers (perfect for your workspace or retail settings)
  • Two-drawer compartmentalized metal cabinet for convenient storage
  • Detailed plan-o-gram
  • Cabinet size: 8”H x 20”W x 16”D
  • Shipping weight: 40lbs

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Our 174 pc. Compression & Extension Spring Assortment

This 174 pc combination spring assortment includes a selection of high-grade compression and extension springs, comprised of galvanized hard drawn wire. This durable material is ideal for a number of heavy-duty applications.

Assortment No. 174 Features and Specifications

  • 174 assorted compression and extension springs comprised of galvanized hard drawn wire
    • 13 assorted extension spring sizes
    • 18 assorted compression spring sizes
  • Compartmentalized plastic box
  • Detailed plan-o-gram

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No 174 Compression and Extension Spring Assortment
Stainless Steel Compression & Extension Spring Assortment

Our 336 pc. Stainless Steel Compression & Extension Spring Assortment

This 336 pc combination spring assortment comes with a useful array of compression and extension springs made of stainless steel. Stainless steel springs are extremely versatile, with the ability to serve an expansive number of popular applications.

Assortment No. 336S Features and Specifications

  • 336 assorted stainless steel compression and extension springs
    • 84 different spring sizes
      • 40 assorted extension springs (4 of each)
      • 44 assorted compression springs (4 of each)
    • Compartmentalized metal drawer
    • Detailed plan-o-gram

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Specially Selected Spring Assortments to Meet Your Needs

At Ajax Springs, our spring manufacturing experts purposefully select each spring included within our spring assortments to better meet the needs of our customers. Just take a look at all of the high-quality spring assortments we have to offer! Do you need assistance finding the right spring for your specific application? Contact us today so we can help!

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