Snowplows and Springs

Even though Long Island hasn’t had much snow this winter, when we do have a snowstorm, we rely on snowplows to clear the roads so we can get around safely. Therefore, it’s essential that snowplowing equipment stays in good condition so when inclement weather rolls around, plows are ready to go. Part of the maintenance of these machines consists of keeping the snowplow trip springs in good working condition to protect it from damage when encountering objects along the way of snow removal.

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Materials Used in Springs: Brass Wire

How Brass Springs Are Made

Brass springs are, of course, made from brass wire. The brass wire used is a copper and zinc alloy that typically consists of more than 50% copper. The spring is then formed here at Ajax Springs, where it can be made into any type of spring from a compression spring to an extension spring.

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Materials Used in Springs: Galvanized Hard Drawn Wire

How Galvanized Hard Drawn Springs Are Made

Galvanized hard drawn springs, also known as cold drawn springs, are made from hard/cold drawn wire. The hard drawn wire is manufactured through a process known as cold drawing. The wire being worked is coated in oil and pulled through a die, or series of dies, in order to reduce the width of the wire. This process is known as hard drawing. The wire is then galvanized through either hot-dip galvanization, or spray galvanization. That final product is formed into a galvanized hard drawn spring right here at Ajax Springs.

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Materials Used in Springs: Music Wire

How Music Wire Springs Are Made

Music wire springs are usually made from a tempered, high carbon steel alloy. They offer high durability and are manufactured inexpensively. The thin wire used for forming music wire springs is made in a process referred to as hard drawing, or cold drawing. A process by which the wire is pulled through a die, or multiple dies, to reduce its width. The wire is then heat-tempered further in order to achieve the desired result.

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Springs Are Vital in Vehicles

Though you may not realize it, we encounter the springy mechanisms and wire forms of springs on a daily basis as they are used in everyday objects. In fact, there is probably a spring in your sight right now! From the watch you wear to the car you drive, springs are everywhere, and we rely on them constantly.

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Work Smarter in 2019

No one has to tell you that being a manufacturer gets more challenging every year. The cost or raw materials, sourcing quality parts, and finding qualified talent are just a few of the hurdles we need to cross to bring our products to market. Ajax Wire Specialty Company is here to help with at least one of those.

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Learn Some Spring Terminology

Without a basic understand of spring terminology it can be difficult to order a custom manufactured spring. The customer service team at Ajax will always assist in spec’ing out what you need, but learning some spring lingo will help ensure you get the correct spring for the job. Here are some of the most common and important terms in spring manufacturing:

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Springs in Toys Bring Joy

The holidays are over and of course that means your kids probably got some of the coolest toys.

As discussed in our previous blog posts, springs can be anywhere. But what you may not have known is springs are used extensively in the toy industry, also. Just take a look at some of the toys your kids received this holiday season. The spring could be the element of surprise that’s causing your child to enjoy the new toy so much.

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The Use of Springs in the Agricultural Industry

From watch makers to the auto industry, almost all modern industries use springs in their machinery and the agricultural industry is no acceptation. Springs are regularly used for the OEM and MRO of agricultural machines. Which makes them incredibly important, because without theses machines running properly one of our countries most valuable and necessary industries would be handicapped.

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Springle Bells

It’s Starting to Look a Lot Like…Springs?

OK, now that December is here it’s obviously time to start thinking about the holidays. And for those who celebrate Christmas, what better way to spruce up your blue spruce than with some festive wire spring bells! These fun and totally awesome Christmas tree ornaments are pretty easy to make and are great for showing off your love of all things springs.

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