Common Uses for Our Springs

Do you want to know more about springs? Ajax springs has a quick guide to what our most popular spring assortment looks like, and what they are used for. The basic function of a spring is to release stored energy. There are many designs however to meet that end, and depending on what your use might be the spring choices can be very different.


compression spring-ology guide

What are compression springs used for?

Compression springs can be used for engines, major appliances, tools, lawn mowers, medical instruments, electronics, cell phones–down to a simple pen. Anything that requires stored energy within the spring. Compression springs come in varieties to suit your needs, including barrel, conical and double cone springs.


extension spring-ology guide

What are extension springs used for?

Extension springs can also be used in vehicles, garage doors, trampolines, toys (like a hobby horse), outdoor furniture, machinery and tools like vise-grip pliers.


torsion spring-ology guide

What is a Torsion Spring Used for?

Torsion springs use rotational force to exert energy. Think of a squeeze-to-open scenario. You will find torsion springs in clothespins, doors, clocks, watches and vehicles. Unlike compression and extension springs which use linear deflection, a torsion spring uses radial deflection to exert its force.

Coil Springs Top Uses:

  • Automotives
  • Computer keyboards
  • Mattresses
  • Appliances (toasters)
  • Door handles
  • Compressors
  • Pens
  • Clocks

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