Amazing Spring Repurposing Ideas

Great Ways to Repurpose Your Springs

While we’re not in the business of crafting typically, we do know our springs! Our “creative” department thought it might be fun to share some great ideas for upcycling your springs.

Don’t Sleep On This Idea

Turn your old mattress into a fully stocked organization station with these easy steps.

  • Paint the boxspring to match the decor you’re trying to match. Krylon Paint for Metal is relatively inexpensive and comes in a variety of colors, so no match is impossible.
  • Depending on the style you are going for and  where the station will live pick your holders. Mason jars, folder baskets, even woven baskets or industrial magazine holders can work. Attach with zip ties or cable seals.
  • Mount the box spring to the wall.

It’s that easy. This can be used in a garage for toys, in a crafting station for brushes and paints, in your pantry for spices or anywhere else you can think of.

Wine Not?

Is everyone in your house getting a new bed? Let’s turn that boxspring into a rustic wine rack. There are minimal steps to this repurpose–just buy the wine!

Truck Spring Stools

While it is unlikely that you have giant truck springs sitting around, you may come across them at a yard sale or a junkyard. If  you are searching for this unique style you can purchase customized springs through Ajax. In order to create this look purchase or scavenge these monstrous springs, mount a metal or cushioned seat and display for your visitors to drool over.

Decorate Your Home with Upcycled Springs

Metal/industrial decorating is so chic right now. Here are a few more ideas to use in your home decorating.

Turn old  coil springs into placards or frames. Use the same idea to keep mail or papers organized.

  • Paint a block of wood.
  • Attach the springs horizontally
  • Decorate accordingly

Hanging Chandeliers

These incredibly easy and authentically beautiful light fixtures are as rustic as they come. Turn a stuffy space into an artsy area by hanging these lights.

Ajax Can Help with All Your Spring Challenges & Projects

No matter what you’re working on, Ajax Springs is here to help. We offer thousands of compression springs and extension springs suitable for any project. And we also have many convenient spring assortments so you’ll never be without the right spring. Contact us for more info today or give us a call at (708) 629-0921.

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