Ajax Announces New Spring Assortments at Int’l Fastener Expo

Ajax Springs attended at the The National Industrial Fastener and Mill Supply Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada the week of October 17. According to Ajax president and CEO David Ellner who manned the booth, the two-day show was crowded with buyers from fastener companies, hardware stores and manufacturers.

“It was really great to have the chance to meet with current and potential customers,” says Ellner, who also got to speak at length about Ajax Wire and its products. The show was not only an opportunity to meet with customers but with sales reps as well, to educate them on the new happenings at Ajax as the company expands its product base.

“We introduced two new assortments at the show Assortment 336S, which is a stainless steel extension and compression spring assortment, and Assortment 174 which is an extension and compression Century Spring equivalent and our new catalog was distributed!”

Look for these new spring assortments on our website soon. Reach out to Ajax to find out how we can help meet your industrial spring needs.

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