DIY Wire Ornaments for the Holidays

At Ajax we work hard all year long, which is why when holiday time comes around each year we love incorporating springs and wires into the seasonal cheer.

Here are Our Top 5 Favorite Wire Creations for the Season:

1. Wire Name Tags

One of our favorites comes from Crafts Unleashed. It is an easy to achieve, customized name ornament.

Between the personalization and the thoughtfulness behind it this is a win-win wire gift!

2. Woven Wire Star Ornament

This craft requires a bit more material for production, but not much–and the result is stunning.

Get yourself a block of wood, a drill and wire in your favorite color and follow this tutorial for a beautiful and original ornament.

3. Paper Clip Angels

We’re not biased–wire is wire, even if it’s an office supply. Paperclip angels are quick and easy, and adorable. These make great school crafts or classroom gifts. This YouTube video shows you how to make the little wire wonders in just under 6 minutes!

4. Wine Cork Ornaments

This one is super easy, and extra fun if you’re a wine drinker. If not you can buy wine corks at any craft store.

Use a stronger gauge wire so that the antlers keep their shape, add eyes, a nose and anything else you’ve got around the house to give your ornaments personality. Decorate the house, or tie twine around the metal and hang from your tree.

5. Wire Tree

No holiday wire list is complete without a wire tree. The beautiful minimalist decoration is both modern and classy, and the best part is that it’s inexpensive and easy to make.

Use malleable wire foam tree form and coil away!

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