Finding the Right Compression Spring

As you most likely read in our recent article on how Compression Springs are Exceptionally Common in Our Daily Lives, these wonderful mechanical devices serve many purposes and are truly amazing despite their simplicity. And at Ajax Springs, we want to make finding the correct spring for your application as easy as possible. That’s why we developed our Compression Spring Finder. Think of it as a powerful search engine that lets you quickly sift through thousands of springs to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Find Springs by Part Number

Need to find a part number from another spring manufacturer? No problem! We’ve got equivalents from many other manufacturers, including:

variety of compression springs

And You Can Always Call Us!

Even if you can’t locate the exact compression spring you’re looking for with our search engine, or if you need a custom spring, don’t hesitate to call us at (708) 629-0921. We’ve got over 8 decades of experience and will help you find the perfect springs for your application.

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