Finding the Right Extension Spring

Last week we explained how easy it is to find the right compression spring. This week, we’ll show you that it’s also just as easy to find the right extension spring for your manufacturing specification using our easy-to-use Extension Spring Finder.

Filter By Spring Specs

The Extension Spring Finder is simple –  just start applying filters by manufacturer, material, wire size, spring rate, or other specs and you’ll quickly narrow down the results from the thousands of springs in our catalog. Then just click on the item you need and fill out the Request for Quote form and let us know what quantity and ends you need. We’ll be in touch quickly with your quote.

extension springs

Pull vs. Push

As we’re sure you’re aware, the basic difference between compression springs and extension (or tension) springs is that the former is designed to keep things away from each other and the latter is designed to pull them together. Therefore, extension springs typically have loops or hooks on the ends.

The Seven Most Common Types of Extension Spring Ends:

  1. Machine Hook End
  2. Extended Hook End
  3. Raised Loop End
  4. Cross Center Loop End
  5. Double Cross Center Loop End
  6. Double Swung Over Center Loop End
  7. Single Swung Over Center Loop End

If you’d like to learn more about the various extension spring ends, please watch out video: “Extension Spring Ends Explained

Once you locate the extension spring you need we can add almost any type of end to it to suit your application.

Need Assistance? Call Us!

If you’re having difficulty finding the exact extension spring you need with our search engine, or if you need a custom spring, please call us at (708) 629-0921. We’ve got over 8 decades of experience and will help you find the right spring for your application.

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