When Your Garage Door Spring Breaks

As anyone who has ever heard a garage door spring break will tell you, it’s one of the most startling, and frustrating sounds you’ll ever hear. Very often, it can be a loud, violent bang that may make you jump out of your skin! But once you get your heart-rate back to normal, you’ll then have to deal with a garage door that’s either difficult, or impossible to open.

In-Stock & Custom Garage Door Springs

There are many qualified garage door mechanics that can help you should you be faced with this dilemma. But if you are a do-it-yourselfer*, we can help. At Ajax Springs, we make the most common-sized garage door spring on the market. This spring will fit most standard 7′ high garage doors. Other sizes are also available up to 60″ and since we¬†manufacture our own springs, we can typically manufacture to your specifications.

*Please be sure to use a safety cable when you install your new garage door spring.

broken garage door spring
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