Sure, We’ve Got Some Compression Springs

You already know that Ajax Wire Specialty Company is one of the most trusted names for MRO and OEM spring manufacturing. But how did we get that reputation? Many reasons. For starters, we know springs. We’re experts in the design and manufacture of these mechanisms, and have been helping manufacturers select and stock up on the right springs for their application for decades. But that’s not the only reason…

Just Check Out Our Compression Spring Catalog

Another reason Ajax is so well respected is because of the sheer quantity of part numbers in our catalog, including part number equivalents for many other spring makers. We have literally thousands of springs of every size and description. For instance, did you know that in our online catalog, we have almost 900 compression springs alone? Add to that the virtually limitless number of custom springs we can manufacture and you begin to understand why Ajax Springs is the supplier so many manufacturers trust.

compression spring manufacturing
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