We’ve Got “A Case of Spring Fever!”

Autumn may just be beginning, but here at Ajax we’ve already got a bad case of spring fever! And since we know you’re probably suffering just like us, we thought we’d share with you this critically acclaimed short film from 1940. It chronicles a day in the life of Gilbert Willoughby, a man foolish enough to wish for a world without springs.

Possibly the Most Important Film Ever Made

Produced for Chevrolet by the Jam Handy Organization, the 8 minute short film, “A Case of Spring Fever”, reminds us that a world without springs is a scary place indeed! Coily, the spring sprite, is quick to teach poor Gilbert Willoughby that his life would be a sorry one without the springs in all of his modern conveniences.

So, make some popcorn, grab a loved one and hold them close, and spend the next 8 minutes imagining a world none of us hopes will ever come to be!

Coily the spring sprite

Our thanks to the National Film Preservation Foundation for preserving this gem and making it available to the public.

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