Springs Are the Main Component of a Garage Door

The garage door and the garage door spring, known as the torsion spring used in larger overhead doors or extension springs for residential garage doors, are the most vital and used parts of any garage. The torsion spring winds and unwinds every time the garage door opens and closes, whereas the extension spring expands and contracts. Each time the spring does this, it stores energy and uses energy to open and close the garage door. At the same time, each time it does this, the springs wear and tear. And that’s where Ajax Springs come in!

What to Do When Your Garage Door Spring Breaks

When your garage door spring breaks, there are many qualified garage door mechanics that can help should you be faced with this problem. However, if you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, Ajax Springs can help as we make the most common-sized garage door springs on the market.

Garage door springs normally last a long time, but over time all that lifting, especially through rain, snow and different weather climate changes, tends to weaken the metal and lead to a spring break.

When a garage door torsion spring breaks, not only will the door not move at all, but a broken spring makes a very loud noise, and may even be dangerous to bystanders if it snaps. Anyone who has ever heard a garage door spring break knows it is one of the most startling and violent sounds that will make your heart drop to the floor.

garage door torsion spring

Broken garage doors are more than just an inconvenience; they can be hazardous. Your garage door is probably the largest moving part of your home, so if it malfunctions, you should seek garage door repair right away to avoid injury and damage to your home.

garage door extension spring

Lubricate Those Springs

In order to keep springs working efficiently and effectively, they must be lubricated with standard quality oil to overcome the rust and brittleness. The lubrication will also prolong the life of a spring. These kinds of springs do not usually need a lot of attention from their owners and they don’t need to be inspected every month, but they do need proper and regular maintenance. Many homeowners may have heard through the grapevine that cleaning garage door torsion springs is simple and can be done at home. However, this is far from the truth as torsion springs hold a lot of torsion energy and need to be handled with professional care.

Ajax Has It All

Ajax Springs manufactures springs in different capacities and different sizes so that the springs are capable of balancing a heavy weighted garage door. If the door is not balanced then it can damage the garage motors, gears and other garage door equipment. Ajax Springs has springs that are specially made for any kind of garage doors that are reliable and durable, and give excellent results. The springs that Ajax Springs manufactures will fit most standard seven-foot high garage doors, but if your garage door is higher or lower than that, Ajax can manufacture to your specifications up to 60 feet.

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