Trash to Treasure – More Amazing Spring Repurposing Ideas

The holiday season is here! Need some new ideas for timeless decorations? You don’t have to be an artsy craftsman; you just need a little imagination. Forget finding this year’s wreath at Home Depot. Instead, get creative and make one from your old bedsprings. And, when the holiday season is over, you can embellish the wreath however you want so it’s completely customizable to change with the seasons.

Here are some fun ideas on how to repurpose your bedsprings – from Christmas decorations to summer decor.

coil spring wreath
bed spring mail holder

Put Upcycled Springs to Use for the Holiday Season

Metal and industrial decorating is the new stylish thing right now. Turn old coil springs into picture frames – this always makes a great gift for the holiday season. You can also use the coiled springs to keep your mail and other papers organized. This technique is as simple as painting a block of wood and then attaching the springs horizontally to the wood and decorating it to your liking.

Trendy Wine Rack

Turning your box spring into a rustic wine rack is another unique idea. After all, you are going to need somewhere to put all that wine that guests bring to your party!

coil spring wine rack
bed spring vase

Vintage Spring Vase

Make a vintage vase from your old bedspring by using one spring and a test tube, which you can get at any craft store. Just stand the test tube up inside the spring and paint the spring your favorite color – and you have a new beautiful vase.

Spring Jar Candleholder

Who would have known that a small jelly jar and a bedspring put together would create a fabulous candleholder? An easy project – just place a jelly jar inside the bedspring. Display your candleholder around the house or use it for citronella candles on the patio.

coil spring candle holder
bed spring recipe card holder

Handy Recipe Holder

You know you need something in the kitchen to hold the recipe page for those holiday cookies. As a cool gift idea for anyone who loves to bake or cook, all you have to do is clean up the spring a bit and attach a holder to the tip to hold that baking recipe page in place.

Spring Chandeliers

Remove the metal spring support from your bedspring and use it as an authentically beautiful light fixture to turn your space into a rustic artsy area. If you want to add a romantic ambience to your front porch or backyard, weave in some vining plants.

bed spring chandelier
bedspring jewelry organizer

Jewelry Organizer

Use your entire box spring as a jewelry organizer by hanging it on the wall and adding your jewelry. You can sand down the box spring first and then paint it so that it matches the décor in your bedroom.

Unconventional Room Divider

And finally, for a truly bohemian look, take that old box spring, decorate it with a few lights, and you will have a rustic room divider. This could also be a unique addition to your backyard to create a bit of privacy on one end.

bed spring room divider

No matter how you want to upcycle your springs and transform them into hallmarks for you and your home, Ajax Springs can help with all your spring projects as we offer thousands of springs (except old bed springs) that will fit any project.

And for even more ideas, see our other Amazing Spring Repurposing Ideas article from last year.

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