Materials Used in Springs: Music Wire

How Music Wire Springs Are Made

Music wire springs are usually made from a tempered, high carbon steel alloy. They offer high durability and are manufactured inexpensively. The thin wire used for forming music wire springs is made in a process referred to as hard drawing, or cold drawing. A process by which the wire is pulled through a die, or multiple dies, to reduce its width. The wire is then heat-tempered further in order to achieve the desired result.

The Properties & Applications of Music Wire Springs

  • Music wire springs have what is known as a high elastic limit.
  • They are highly versatile, offer high shock absorption abilities, and can be used in electro-mechanical processes.
  • Music wire springs are usually highly malleable and can be made in smaller sizes. This makes them perfect for smaller appliances or situations where a spring has to be fit into a small area.
  • Because of the carbon steel they are made of, music wire springs are incredibly durable. This allows them to handle large amounts of stress.
  • Music wire springs can be compression, extension, or torsion springs.
Music wire for springs

Here at Ajax Springs we make springs of every size and type imaginable. We also make our springs with several different types of metals. This is because each different type of metal offers unique load capacity, weather and chemical resistance, price and many other unique factors that may be exactly what you need to get the job done. So let Ajax Springs help you get a leg up on your next project.

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