Materials Used in Springs: Galvanized Hard Drawn Wire

How Galvanized Hard Drawn Springs Are Made

Galvanized hard drawn springs, also known as cold drawn springs, are made from hard/cold drawn wire. The hard drawn wire is manufactured through a process known as cold drawing. The wire being worked is coated in oil and pulled through a die, or series of dies, in order to reduce the width of the wire. This process is known as hard drawing. The wire is then galvanized through either hot-dip galvanization, or spray galvanization. That final product is formed into a galvanized hard drawn spring right here at Ajax Springs.

Properties & Applications of Hard Drawn Springs

  • Galvanized hard drawn springs have high tensile strength and are often used in applications in which they are under static, constant forces.
  • Galvanized hard drawn wire is one of the most commonly used types of materials and is used in everything from the automotive industry, to surface pieces, to industrial machine components.
  • Because of the materials used to make hard drawn springs, they are cost efficient, but not capable of handling large amounts of stress.
  • Galvanized hard drawn springs come in a wide variety of spring types including compression and extension.
Galvanized hard drawn wire for springs

Here at Ajax Springs we make springs of every size and type imaginable. We also make our springs with several different types of metals. This is because each different type of metal offers unique load capacity, weather and chemical resistance, price and many other unique factors that may be exactly what you need to get the job done. So let Ajax Springs help you get a leg up on your next project.

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