Materials Used in Springs: Brass Wire

How Brass Springs Are Made

Brass springs are, of course, made from brass wire. The brass wire used is a copper and zinc alloy that typically consists of more than 50% copper. The spring is then formed here at Ajax Springs, where it can be made into any type of spring from a compression spring to an extension spring.

Properties & Applications of Brass Springs

  • Brass springs are one of the sturdiest springs, while still maintaining flexibility.
  • Brass springs are one of the best springs for storing large amounts of potential and mechanical energy.
  • Brass springs are found being used in everything from electro-mechanical processes to high-quality pens.
  • Here at Ajax Springs we also carry brass lock springs. That is in addition to the standard compression, extension and torsion springs.
Brass wire for springs

Here at Ajax Springs we make springs of every size and type imaginable. We also make our springs with several different types of metals. This is because each different type of metal offers unique load capacity, weather and chemical resistance, price and many other unique factors that may be exactly what you need to get the job done. So let Ajax Springs help you get a leg up on your next project.

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