Ajax Springs Offers Small Springs & So Much More…

As an experienced spring manufacturer with comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, Ajax Wire Specialty Co., Inc. can handle the design, fabrication, and finishing processes for small springs.

If you are looking for a small sized spring but don’t have a micrometer, you can send us a sample of the small spring and we will get the accurate measurements needed to make it. We will calculate the spring rate and give you recommendations on how to change the specs to avoid spring failure shall your spring design be overstressed.

Small Springs Applications

Small springs are used in a wide range of applications and assemblies, such as in appliances, electronic devices, medical equipment, among many other things. Small springs are commonly used in music wire and stainless steel, which are used in spring tempered form that involves the cold extrusion of wire to increase its strength. Most medical devices are made out of stainless steels as this kind of material is corrosion resistant.

At Ajax Wire Specialty Co., Inc., we offer small compression springs, small extension springs, and small torsion springs.

Die Springs

Die springs are used primarily in die machinery but are also well-suited for many applications where high-static and shock-load stresses are required. These types of springs come in alloy material and are made of rectangular shaped material to increase efficiency and meet a variety of needs. Die springs are manufactured to meet the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS).

Die springs are offered in a wide variety of lengths, diameters, and load classifications in both inch and metric sizes. They are also color-coded for easy identification of load range.

small wire springs

Hole and Rod Diameter of Die Springs

The die spring containment hole diameter sizes must be considered to eliminate possible spring-to-wall friction caused by heat and wear and tear from fabrication tolerances. If the spring is long for its diameter, an internal rod may be needed to prevent spring buckling.

Wire die springs are heavy-duty metal compression springs, designed to store more energy in a smaller space and are used for heavy stress and heavy load applications, such as punch presses, die machinery, automotive brakes and clutches, and farm machinery. Die springs are often made from pre-tempered alloy wire to minimize high-stress cracking and improve accuracy. These springs usually have a very long service life expectancy as long as their maximum deflection is held to approximately 25 percent of their length.

Whatever project you are working on, Ajax Springs can help you get a good start. All of our springs are manufactured in accordance with the Spring Manufactures Institute tolerance guidelines. Find out what other types of springs we manufacture by giving us a call (708) 629-0921.

Spring Manufacturers Institute
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