The Ultimate Spring Assortment

You know that Ajax is your number-one source for all things springs. And you know that we offer a huge variety of pre-configured spring assortments. These assortments are convenient because they all have a great selection of springs in the most useful sizes and they are easy to replenish right out of our catalog. But have you met the Ultimate Spring Assortment? Were talking about the #750 – a huge, 1,000 piece collection that will keep even the busiest workbench humming!

A Thousand Springs for a Thousand Tasks

You’ll never be searching for the right spring when you have the No. 750: 1,000 pc. Spring Assortment on your bench! You get 10 each of Ajax Springs part numbers 1 through 100X in this massive collection. And reordering is a snap as we keep all these part numbers in stock in our warehouse at all times.

The assortment comes with a handy metal display board for quick identification and a sturdy 4-drawer metal cabinet where all the springs are neatly arranged in compartments. Each drawer even has it’s own plan-o-gram so you can quickly find the spring you’re looking for. The dimensions of the cabinet are 15″ H x 20″ W x 16″ D.

Contact us anytime to ask about the No. 750: 1,000 pc. Spring Assortment and equip yourself with the ultimate torsion, compression, and extension spring collection!

750 spring assortment (board & cabinet)
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