Springs in Various Outdoor Things

Did you know that springs are used in many outdoor things that you use in your daily life?

Springs in Garage Doors

The most vital and used parts of any garage door are the springs. However, the size of the garage door will determine which kind of spring is used. For larger overhead garage doors found in parking garages, torsion springs are usually used so that the force can hold parts in place or store and release the mechanical energy. These kinds of springs wind and unwind every time the garage door opens and closes.

Extension springs are used for residential garage doors as they expand and contract. Each time the spring expands and contracts, it stores energy and then uses the energy to open and close the garage door. Whether the garage door has torsion or extension springs, the springs will wear and tear over time. And that’s where Ajax Springs come in! We manufacture a wide array of durable and dependable springs in a variety of lengths, rates, maximum load endurances, and wire and spring outside diameters.

replacement garage door springs

Screen Doors

Screen door spring hinges can be used in right and left side applications and provide strong closing action. These kinds of hinges have a non-removable fast spun pin design which is essentially manufactured that way to secure a connection from the screen door to the frame.

porch swing replacement springs

Springs are also used in retractable screens. So when you are retracting your screens when you don’t need them or pulling them down when you do – think about what is making that possible.

Porch & Garden Swing Springs

When swinging on your porch or garden swing, pay close attention to the springs that hold the chain to the frame because these can rust or wear out over time and present a real danger. If you notice that your porch or garden swing springs are wearing down, there is no need to go out and purchase another swing. This is an easy repair. At Ajax Springs, we have porch swing replacement springs to help you through this simple project so that your swing is ready for your next BBQ.

Drawbar Springs

Drawbar springs are often assembled with wire forms and are great for use in possible overload situations as they have a built-in safety feature. A drawbar spring is used when supporting a porch swing. In some cases, compression springs can be used as extension springs. In other cases, drawbar extension springs are used when there is an excessive deflection of a normal extension spring and breakage happens.

A main feature of the drawbar spring is that the springs are designed to prevent buckling as they are being compressed. These kinds of springs also have a hard stop which is crucial when there is overloading.

Whether torsion, compression or extension springs, at Ajax Springs we take pride in our work and ensure that any kind of spring that we manufacture is efficient and effective.

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