The World’s Largest Spring

The Slinky® is probably the most well known spring throughout the entire world. You’ve definitely seen one, and have most likely owned one at some point during your childhood. There just so happens to be one extraordinarily unique Slinky that you may not be familiar with.

One-Hundred-Foot-Long Slinky?!

You read that correctly. An artist based in Ashland, Virginia created a Slinky that measures 100 feet long and is an astounding 4 feet in height! Unbelievably, this Slinky only weighs 150 pounds due to its lightweight construction.

World's longest Slinky

We may not be able to offer you a whale-sized Slinky, however Ajax Springs can supply you with any practical type of spring you may be searching for. Be sure to check out our comprehensive spring search engine, or contact us today and we can help you out directly.

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