A (Very Brief) Hobby Horse History

Ajax Springs proudly stocks American made hobby horse springs. In honor of these specialty items, we’ve decided to momentarily step away from the topic of springs to share a (very) brief history of the hobby horse with you. 

Child with Hobby Horse

The Original Hobby Horse

The hobby horse, also known as a stick horse, is a simple children’s toy. Although it was simply a toy horse’s head atop a wooden stick, we all know that this is enough to entertain most child for hours on end. The original hobby horses were made sometime in the 16th century.

The Hobby Horse Spring

In later years, a form of the hobby horse was used to create a children’s riding toy featuring (you guessed it) springs! You see how we came full circle? We hope you enjoyed this mini history lesson! We did say it was going to be brief.

If you have any questions regarding springs for your children’s toys or any other application, feel free to  give us a call at (708) 629-0921.

hobby horse
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