What Makes Stainless Steel Springs Stand Out?

Cutlery and kitchenware may come to mind upon hearing the term “stainless steel”. However, it’s also an alloy that many springs are made of. Stainless steel springs have a particular set of properties that are integral to a variety of applications.

Stainless Steel Spring Specialties

Stainless steel springs have unique benefits making them durable and long-lasting. These are especially important if the springs will be exposed to outside elements.

The Benefits

  • Resistance to rust & corrosion
  • Resistance to some chemicals
  • Better resistance to heat
  • More appealing aesthetic appearance

Ajax Wire Specialty Co. Carries Stainless Steel Springs

If you’re looking for high-quality stainless steel springs then you’ve come to the right place! Contact us so we can help you find the best spring to suit your needs.

Stainless Steel Spring used on a faucet
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