The Benefits of Having Our Own Factory

For over 85 years, Ajax Springs has been providing the hardware industry with premium quality products at affordable prices.

Located on Long Island, New York, our expansive factory gives us the ability to offer you the value which helps your business grow. This modern plant includes automatic, semi-automatic, and manual equipment enabling us to manufacture any quantity of springs in a cost-efficient manner. We can also produce custom springs manufactured to your exact specifications.

Ajax Springs Factory Shot

Versatile Spring Machines

The Ajax Springs factory is home to a variety of spring machines manufactured by some of the industry’s top brands.

These include hand winding machines made by Carlson Machinery, and spring coilers made by MEC and Torrington Forming Machinery.

When manufacturing springs that require extreme precision, our spring experts manually loop each spring ensuring proper tension and shape to meet specifications.

Manufacturing Springs for All Uses

At Ajax Springs, our factory is filled with all types of springs in order to meet the needs of any customer.

Spring Materials

We also offer many of these spring types in a variety of different high-quality materials.

Spring Manufacturer Equivalents

Along with our patented Ajax Wire Specialy Co. brand springs, we also carry spring equivalents interchangeable with other manufacturers’ most popular products.

Because we carry such a large variety of springs, Ajax Springs has simplified the process of finding the exact spring you’re looking for with our spring search engine.

All Your Needs Covered Under One Roof

Various Springs in Boxes

At Ajax Springs, we pride ourselves in going above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. The additional services and specialty products we offer prevent you from wasting time and money seeking out a third-party supplier.

Additional Services and Offerings

Family Owned and Operated

After more than 85 years in operation, Ajax Springs is now in its third generation of spring manufacturers. We’ve earned a reputation as one of the most trusted names in the industry through our family’s continuous dedication to customer service and quality assurance. Each of our factory team members is fully devoted to ensuring every order is fulfilled to your exact specifications. Ajax Springs can accommodate you whether you’re looking for a limited run of custom-made springs, or you’re in need of large quantities of more commonly used spring types.

Gloves and springs

Your One Stop Spring Manufacturer

No matter what type of spring you’re looking for, Ajax Springs has you covered. Contact us today to learn how our factory can help improve your bottom line.

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