Celebrating National Hobby Month – Hobbies With Springs

January is National Hobby Month, so, it is a fun time to try out new and enjoyable hobbies to fill your free time with. At Ajax Springs, we are going to celebrate National Hobby Month by sharing some interesting information about hobbies that include springs.


The modern-day version of pinball that many of us enjoy today went through many adaptations prior to becoming the game it is now. In the early 20th century, there were several “pinball” games released quite different from the ones you might find in an arcade. Although with fewer bells and whistles than current pinball machines, these coin-operated, countertop games still had the same basic goal of using spring-equipped mechanisms to aim and shoot playing balls into desired areas on the game’s board. A little later on in the 1900s, electronics came into play, enabling players to enjoy the added features of sounds, lights, and other innovations. The pinball flipper was not introduced to the game until just before the 1950s, and the first flipper-equipped pinball machines usually had a total of six flippers. A few years later, two-player pinball games were made available to the public. And around a decade after that, digital scoring was introduced. This innovation led to the pinball machines of the 1970s which are essentially the same types of machines we play on today, except that many of today’s pinball machines also come equipped with computerized platforms and hi-definition video screens.

close up view of pinball machine

The Hobby Horse

While the hobby horse may only loosely meet the definition of what is considered a hobby, this item clearly had to be included in our article.  And that is because of the specialty hobby horse springs that we carry in our inventory. If you would like to learn more about the hobby horse, check out our previous article – A Brief History of the Hobby Horse.

family playing on a trampoline

The Trampoline

Initially invented in the 1930s by gymnasts George Nissen and Larry Griswold, the trampoline has evolved to become a staple of many American backyards. Who knew you could have so much fun with coiled springs and a stretched piece of athletic canvas? At Ajax Springs, we carry trampoline springs in the most popularly used lengths.

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Tabletop Games With Springs

There are several popular children’s tabletop games that require springs to work. Some of the most well-known spring-equipped tabletop games include Mouse Trap, Hungry Hungry Hippos, and Beyblade. Mouse Trap and Hungry Hungry Hippos both use tension springs during gameplay. And Beyblade game pieces are thrusted into action using ball bearings which require springs to properly function.

Manufacturing High-Quality Springs Is Our Hobby

At Ajax Springs, our spring manufacturing experts are dedicated to ensuring that all of our customers’ needs are met, providing them with high-quality springs at affordable prices. Contact us today to learn more about how we can benefit your business firsthand.

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