Custom Spring Design is Our Specialty

With over 8 decades of experience, Ajax Wire Specialty Company has the engineering know-how to help you with your most challenging custom spring design specs. We’ve helped countless manufacturers design and produce literally thousands of custom springs for just about every application imaginable.

Getting Started: A Handy “Spring-ology” Guide

For starters, we’ve created a few diagrams to help you use the right vocabulary when referring to the various specs of your spring project.

For Compression Springs

compression spring-ology guide

For Extension Springs

extension spring-ology guide

For Torsion Springs

torsion spring-ology guide

Getting the Specs for a Custom Spring

Next, we need a little information. We’ve created a simple-to-use spring questionnaire to help us get the specs we need to make the springs you need. Answer as many of the following items as you can and we’ll reach out to help with the rest.

    Spring Type:

    Spring Ends:

    Compression Spring Ends:

    Extension Spring Ends:

    Position of Ends:


    Other Material:

    Finish of Material:

    Outside Diameter:
    Inside Diameter:
    Wire Diameter:
    Spring Rate:
    Maximum Load:
    Body Length:
    Overall Length:
    Number of Coils:
    Direction of Helix:



    At Ajax Springs, we understand that your time is valuable and getting it right the first time is important. Using a spring with the wrong spring rate or maximum load capacity could be a catastrophic mistake costing you huge sums of money to rectify. Let us help and together we’ll get you the right custom spring on time and on budget.

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