For the Young Engineer – Making Machines with Springs

It’s hard to believe it, but the holiday season is fast approaching. If you have an aspiring mechanical engineer in your life, then we have the perfect gift idea for you. Making Machines with Springs (Simple Machine Projects) by Chris Oxlade will provide a hands-on approach to understanding springs for your young scientist.

From the Author:

Science theory and practical, fun projects teach the physics and the technology behind this simple machine. Important science curriculum is explained through historical and contemporary examples of springs. Step-by-step projects range from the simple to the more challenging.

Written for 7-9 year-olds, this 32 page paperback from Raintree Perspectives will get your child excited about the science of springs and their practical application in the world of engineering. Author Chris Oxlade has written dozens of books aimed at introducing young minds to science and the world of mechanical engineering. Currently available on Amazon.

Other Spring-Related Gift Ideas?

If you know of other educational or interesting gift ideas having to do with springs for kids of any age, let us know about it and maybe we’ll share it here!

Making Machines with Springs (Simple Machine Projects) by Chris Oxlade
Making Machines with Springs (Simple Machine Projects) by Chris Oxlade

Useful (and Fun!) Spring Resources & Information

The Advantages of Stainless Steel Springs

Stainless steel springs serve a wide array of practical uses. At Ajax Springs, we carry a large variety of stainless steel springs in order to meet the needs of all our customers. In this article, we are going to provide you with some of the primary benefits of this versatile spring material.

Current Events Make It Easy to Forget… It’s Springtime!

With everything going on in the world today, it’s easy to forget that springtime has arrived!

High-Quality Spring Materials Your Business Can Rely On

At Ajax Springs, we carry a full inventory of high-quality springs in a variety of materials. We stock springs comprised of brass, high-carbon steel alloy, stainless steel, and other durable metals.

The Mechanical Pencil and Other Noteworthy Back-to-School Supplies With Springs

The fall season is quickly approaching, and that means school is almost back in session. There are many types of school supplies that require springs to properly function.

Springs Used in Agriculture and Gardening

Whether gardening for pleasure or cultivating crops for profit, there is a good chance some of the equipment being used requires springs to function. And at Ajax Springs, we carry all types of springs that help ensure the proper functionality of these tools and machines. Today we are going to explore several different implements and […]

High-Quality Manufacturer-Equivalent Springs

At Ajax Springs, not only do we manufacture our own premium springs; we also carry manufacturer-equivalent springs for other industry leaders. This means that if your machinery or workbench is in need of a specific spring from another brand, there’s a good chance we have it.

High Quality Specialty Springs

Although specialty springs are commonly used parts with a variety of applications, these springs can often be harder to find than they should be. In order to meet all of our customers’ needs, Ajax Springs stocks a full inventory of specialty springs.

Manufacturing Springs for All Applications

At Ajax Springs, our factory has a full inventory of high-quality springs to meet the needs of any type of customer. And with 85-plus years of industry experience, we have earned the trust of clients throughout the United States.

Our Quality Spring Machines

At Ajax Springs, we manufacture our springs using machines from some of the top brands in the industry. This enables us to provide our customers with premium products at affordable prices.

Ajax Springs – Your One Stop Spring Manufacturer

With more than 85 years of experience in the spring manufacturing industry, Ajax has the knowledge and inventory to ensure your company’s machinery continues running smoothly. Whether you need a custom spring manufactured precisely to your specifications or you want spare parts on hand for quick repairs, we’ve got you covered.

Springs Underneath the Christmas Tree

As you watch your children play with their new Christmas toys, think about how many of those toys have springs that make the toy operate properly. While you were seeking out the coolest gifts for your kids this holiday season, just think, the spring could be the component that’s making your child enjoy the new […]

Springs in Halloween Costumes & Decorations

As you may know, springs are in lots of things, including garage doors, screen doors, lawnmowers, among many other things. But did you know springs are in Halloween costumes too? The kind of springs found in Halloween costumes is compression springs. Both compression and extension springs are found in most Halloween decorations, such as the […]

What Makes Stainless Steel Springs Stand Out?

Cutlery and kitchenware may come to mind upon hearing the term “stainless steel”. However, it’s also an alloy that many springs are made of. Stainless steel springs have a particular set of properties that are integral to a variety of applications.

A (Very Brief) Hobby Horse History

Ajax Springs proudly stocks American made hobby horse springs. In honor of these specialty items, we’ve decided to momentarily step away from the topic of springs to share a (very) brief history of the hobby horse with you. 

Knowledgeable & Experienced Springs Manufacturer Professionals

Ajax Wire Specialty Company, headquartered in Hicksville, New York was founded in 1933. It is family-owned with the third generation now managing the company. Ajax is known for making extension springs, compression springs, torsion springs, various spring assortments, as well as custom springs and prototypes. There are over 1,500 stock items of material that include […]

Requesting a Quote on Springs

Your day is hard enough. You’ve got deadlines to meet, customers to keep happy, and orders to fill. The last thing you need is an overly complicated process for getting price information on the things you need to keep your business running. That why, when you find the springs you’re looking for with our easy-to-use […]

Have a Safe & Happy 4th of July!

Please note that the Ajax Springs offices will be closed on Thursday, July 4th and Friday, July 5th. Feel free to use our contact form and we will get back to you next week. Have a wonderful weekend!

Make More Money with Ajax Springs

If you manage a hardware store or sell springs to your customers, talk to Ajax Springs and find out why working with an American spring manufacturer is still the most cost-effective solution. American Made & Profitable for Over 80 Years

Our Equivalent Springs Are as Good as the Originals!

Names You Know from a Long Island Manufacturer You Can Trust At Ajax Wire, in addition to a growing list of stock springs, we carry a line of equivalent springs for Select-A-Spring, Century’s hardware line, Associated Spring, Lee Spring, Gardner Spring, Servalite, Midwest Fastener and Curtis. ANd everything we make is made in America (actually, […]

Ajax Springs Offers Small Springs & So Much More…

As an experienced spring manufacturer with comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, Ajax Wire Specialty Co., Inc. can handle the design, fabrication, and finishing processes for small springs. If you are looking for a small sized spring but don’t have a micrometer, you can send us a sample of the small spring and we will get the accurate […]

Springs Are in the Air!

Today is our FAVORITE day of the year? Know why? Go ahead…guess. C’mon, you can figure this out. What day is today? Can’t you feel it??? Springs Are in the Air!

Materials Used in Springs: Oil Tempered Springs

How Oil Tempered Springs Are Made Oil tempered springs are formed from an oil tempered wire. The process of oil tempering begins with heating the wire that will be used, then cooling it in oil. That step is repeated until the desired results are achieved. This process gives the wire some unique qualities, including durability and […]

Snowplows and Springs

Even though Long Island hasn’t had much snow this winter, when we do have a snowstorm, we rely on snowplows to clear the roads so we can get around safely. Therefore, it’s essential that snowplowing equipment stays in good condition so when inclement weather rolls around, plows are ready to go. Part of the maintenance […]

Materials Used in Springs: Brass Wire

How Brass Springs Are Made Brass springs are, of course, made from brass wire. The brass wire used is a copper and zinc alloy that typically consists of more than 50% copper. The spring is then formed here at Ajax Springs, where it can be made into any type of spring from a compression spring […]

Materials Used in Springs: Galvanized Hard Drawn Wire

How Galvanized Hard Drawn Springs Are Made Galvanized hard drawn springs, also known as cold drawn springs, are made from hard/cold drawn wire. The hard drawn wire is manufactured through a process known as cold drawing. The wire being worked is coated in oil and pulled through a die, or series of dies, in order […]

Materials Used in Springs: Music Wire

How Music Wire Springs Are Made Music wire springs are usually made from a tempered, high carbon steel alloy. They offer high durability and are manufactured inexpensively. The thin wire used for forming music wire springs is made in a process referred to as hard drawing, or cold drawing. A process by which the wire is […]

Springs Are Vital in Vehicles

Though you may not realize it, we encounter the springy mechanisms and wire forms of springs on a daily basis as they are used in everyday objects. In fact, there is probably a spring in your sight right now! From the watch you wear to the car you drive, springs are everywhere, and we rely on them […]

Work Smarter in 2019

No one has to tell you that being a manufacturer gets more challenging every year. The cost or raw materials, sourcing quality parts, and finding qualified talent are just a few of the hurdles we need to cross to bring our products to market. Ajax Wire Specialty Company is here to help with at least […]

Learn Some Spring Terminology

Without a basic understand of spring terminology it can be difficult to order a custom manufactured spring. The customer service team at Ajax will always assist in spec’ing out what you need, but learning some spring lingo will help ensure you get the correct spring for the job. Here are some of the most common […]

Springs in Toys Bring Joy

The holidays are over and of course that means your kids probably got some of the coolest toys. As discussed in our previous blog posts, springs can be anywhere. But what you may not have known is springs are used extensively in the toy industry, also. Just take a look at some of the toys your […]

The Use of Springs in the Agricultural Industry

From watch makers to the auto industry, almost all modern industries use springs in their machinery and the agricultural industry is no acceptation. Springs are regularly used for the OEM and MRO of agricultural machines. Which makes them incredibly important, because without theses machines running properly one of our countries most valuable and necessary industries […]

Springle Bells

It’s Starting to Look a Lot Like…Springs? OK, now that December is here it’s obviously time to start thinking about the holidays. And for those who celebrate Christmas, what better way to spruce up your blue spruce than with some festive wire spring bells! These fun and totally awesome Christmas tree ornaments are pretty easy […]

Ajax Springs – Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

Ajax Springs is a three-generation old business and we take great pride in the fact that we are a fully domestic product. All manufacturing at Ajax is done in the United States. We also label, bar code, and package all of our springs in-house. We are a major supplier of stock springs to the MRO […]

Trash to Treasure – More Amazing Spring Repurposing Ideas

The holiday season is here! Need some new ideas for timeless decorations? You don’t have to be an artsy craftsman; you just need a little imagination. Forget finding this year’s wreath at Home Depot. Instead, get creative and make one from your old bedsprings. And, when the holiday season is over, you can embellish the […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

From the Ajax Wire Specialty Company family to yours, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

We’ve Got “A Case of Spring Fever!”

Autumn may just be beginning, but here at Ajax we’ve already got a bad case of spring fever! And since we know you’re probably suffering just like us, we thought we’d share with you this critically acclaimed short film from 1940. It chronicles a day in the life of Gilbert Willoughby, a man foolish enough to wish […]

Heat Treatment vs. Stress Relieving for Springs

Springs are generally made of hardened steel. Pre-hardened steel is used before forming the spring.  Music wire, stainless steel, chrome silicon, oil tempered wire, and chrome vanadium are the most commonly used spring steels. The different materials are ideal for a variety of situations. Wire is cold drawn through various dies to attain the size of […]

Looking for Select-A-Spring?

Many in the manufacturing business remember Select-A-Spring Corporation. Founded in 1949, Select-A-Spring was a well known and respected spring company across the industry. What you may not realize is that after Select-A-Spring closed the doors of their Bayonne, NJ plant, Ajax Wire & Specialty Co. vice president, Dave Ellner, bought virtually the entire remaining inventory and […]

Examples of Compression Spring Ends

Ajax Wire & Specialty Co., Inc., a Long Island spring manufacturer for over 80 years, manufactures and sells thousands of different compression springs to suit any MRO or OEM application. We can also make custom compression springs to your drawings, prints or samples. Compression springs can have a variety of ends. In this video, Dave […]

Do You Have a Spring Dilemma?

Got a Mess On Your Hands? Manufacturing can be tricky. Spec the wrong part and you’ve got a real mess on your hands. That’s why it’s important to have trusted partners and vendors with the experience to help you make informed decisions. Ajax Springs should be your resource for all things springs.

It’s Been Spring Time at Ajax for Over 8 Decades

It’s hard to believe, but Ajax Wire Specialty Company has been around for 85 years! Started in Manhattan in 1933 by Joseph Elowsky, and later combined with companies owned by his brother and brother-in-law, Aaron Elowsky and Ben Kantner, Ajax has continued to grow and remains a market leader in the manufacture and production of springs for industries […]

Learn Common Terms for Springs

“What’s the Difference Between a Spring’s AC & TC?” and Other Great Questions If you’ve been in the manufacturing business for some time you are probably already familiar with many of the terms and acronyms used when referring to the various units of measure for springs. But if you’re new to the business, or aren’t […]

Extension Spring Ends Explained

Ajax Wire & Specialty Co., Inc. manufactures and sells thousands of different extension springs to suit your application. We can also make custom extension springs to your exact specifications. And all extension springs can have a variety of ends. In this video, Dave Ellner will show us examples of the different extension spring ends.

It’s Always “SPRING Time” at Ajax

Springs may seem simple enough, but in retrospect there is a lot to them – the design, finding the right type of spring, and getting it made – are all proper specifications for the application.

Choosing the Right Compression Springs For Your Needs

Like all manufacturing companies, your reputation relies on both your experience and the experiences your clients have with your product. Springs are no different. This is why Ajax Springs has always prided itself on giving its customers the best experience. This is how and why.

DIY Wire Ornaments for the Holidays

At Ajax we work hard all year long, which is why when holiday time comes around each year we love incorporating springs and wires into the seasonal cheer.

Amazing Spring Repurposing Ideas

Great Ways to Repurpose Your Springs While we’re not in the business of crafting typically, we do know our springs! Our “creative” department thought it might be fun to share some great ideas for upcycling your springs.

Common Uses for Our Springs

Do you want to know more about springs? Ajax springs has a quick guide to what our most popular spring assortment looks like, and what they are used for. The basic function of a spring is to release stored energy. There are many designs however to meet that end, and depending on what your use […]

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